Doing Business in the Pacific Rim

Winter Term 2009

Day 1: Hong Kong City Tour

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Hello from Hong Kong!

We have all arrived in Hong Kong safely, checked into our hotel and have had a nights rest. Today we had the pleasure of taking a few hour bus tour around Hong Kong and site seeing some of the main attractions:


One of our first stops was Aberdeen, which is a small town that houses thousands of fishermen. We had the opportunity to take a boat ride into the  “marina” and look at the contrast between the large yachts and then the smaller fishermen boats that are also used as homes. We also saw a floating restaurant, “The Jumbo Floating Restaurant,” that is suppose to be infamous for it’s seafood dishes. The weather is treating us wonderfully and allowed us for an enjoyable water adventure!


We took a quick stop at a Jewelry Manufacturing company where we had a short introduction in the jewelry business. We also had the opportunity to walk through their show room and even purchase small gifts.


As we ventured into the Southern part of Hong Kong Island we saw places such as Repulse Bay and Deep Water Bay, with a variety of private and public beaches scattered among the shores. This area is known as the “Beverly Hills” of Hong Kong. It is where the more prestigious own houses, such as Jackie Chan’s “castle.” The statue “God of Mercy,” overlooks Repulse Bay in order to keep peace and harmony among the community members. This area was once invaded by pirates, until the British fought them off. We were also able to stop at a local market, Stanley’s. This was a place for great bargaining and becoming more familiarized in Hong Kong’s culture.


Victoria Peak was a climb, for the bus of course! We ascended into what seemed like the clouds for the most breathtaking panoramic view of Hong Kong. At the top of the peak there was a interesting looking building structure that is referred to as “wok-like.” From this location we were also able to identify the building from where Batman Returns was partially filmed. At the peak there was also a mall and a variety of stores, cafes and restaurants. Many of us grabbed lunch at a french bistro. Some chose the more American and popular food choice, McDonalds! In order to descend from the mountain we took a steep tram ride down and met our coach bus at the end.On our way home we got a glimpse of the U.S. Embassy and Ocean Park (equivalent to our Disney Land) from the bus.


Tonight a large group of us went to a restaurant with a wide variety of local food. The restaurant is a new establishment located in the Renaissance Hotel by the Convention and Expo Centre. We ordered numerous dishes and placed them on a spinning dish in the middle of the table in order to share with the whole group. The food varied from shrimp, duck (head included), fried rice and BBQ pork. We then ventured out to the water and caught a glimpse of the buildings on Hong Kong Island lit up with neon lights. The view was spectacular! We had just missed the Laser Light Show and plan to see it tomorrow.



Credit: Maria Wyka


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