Doing Business in the Pacific Rim

Winter Term 2009

Day 2: Hong Kong Trade Development Council & Textile Alliance Limited

Hong Kong Trade & Development Council

January 6th we visited the HKTDC which is responsible for bringing together different businesses from Hong Kong and around the world. With the help of HKTDC businesses are able to find other businesses who can help them to produce and transport their products around the world. Most of the businesses that are associated with the HKTDC are small and medium enterprises within the Hong Kong area. Our host Wylie So, also took us to visit the HKTDC Info Center which is filled with information about different industries and how businesses can get involved in doing business in Hong Kong.

HKTDC also hosts trade shows for different industries so people from around the world can come and see what products and services will be available in the coming years. We were lucky enough to conclude our visit with a visit to the 2009 Hong Kong Toys and Games show. See the attached pictures for some of the toys which may be hot in 2009!  After the show students went to lunch on their own before returning for our afternoon business visit.

Textile Alliance Limited 

Harry Lee, CEO of TAL
Harry Lee, CEO of TAL

Day 2 also included a presentation by the CEO of TAL, Harry Lee. The company was founded in 1947 by Mr. CC Lee. It changed its name a couple of times during its history and in 1983 focused primarily on apparel. The products of TAL mainly are dress shirts for both men and women, pants, outerwear, tailored suits and more. In fact, 1 of every 6 dress shirts of the USA market are made by TAL.   TAL is a high-end manufacturer, supplying over 60% of all dress shirts priced at $50 or more in the US market.  

TAL Factories are located across the globe, from Ramseur North Carolina to Vietnam. Revenue per year ranges from 630- 768 million. Many times during the presentation, Harry Lee mentioned how the company is people driven vs. profit driven. The company works hand in hand with its customers, which include Brooks Brothers, Nordstrom, Dillard’s, Burberry, L.L. Bean, etc., to tailor it to their needs and values driven mission for these strong brand names. Harry Lee showed us the mission statement which focused on improving the customers business and even to “know the customer business better than the customer themselves”.  TAL is a ‘Total Solution Innofacturer’, meaning that the company strives to maintain a closer partnership with its customers and does this following a 12 step integrated supply chain cycle, rather than the typical three steps.

Some special TAL products are made with the SofTAL fabric that originated with them. These wrinkle free products, pucker free seam technology, dot.TAL: Anti- Microbial finish and dual action stain repeller fabrics all are innovated by the company. The presentation included a brief overview of how efficiently the company does with its ‘Pick to Light’ and ‘Fire Truck’ systems. The most interesting part of the presentation to me had to do with the RFID and PPG (parametric pattern generator) models which showed how clothes are tailored to meet different body types. 

Dr. Harry Lee’s presentation was fabulous with many different graphs and models depicting their growth over the years. Attached is a picture of CEO Harry Lee and a link to the website


At the Asia Toy Expo

At the Asia Toy Expo


Credit: Jeff C. & Erin H.


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