Doing Business in the Pacific Rim

Winter Term 2009

Day 6: Singapore City Tour

Today was our first full day in Singapore. Our flight landed the mid-day the previous day and we enjoyed delicious food and drinks at the Long Bar in the Raffles Hotel for most of the evening. Afterwards, most of the students in the group took time to settle into their rooms at our hotel, the Peninsula-Excelsior. The hotel is extremely nice and is arguably one of the best in all of Singapore. It is made up of two towers, the Peninsula Tower and the Excelsior Tower. The Peninsula tower was recently completely renovated and, luckily, Elon arranged for everyone to stay in the new tower. The accommodations are definitely top of the line.

After settling in, many of the students ventured out into the beautiful city of Singapore. After our first night in the hotel, we got to sleep in a bit and our wake-up call rang at 9:30. We all made our way to the lobby and enjoyed an abundant (free) breakfast. After finishing up, we made our way to the “Singapore Flyer.” The Flyer is comparable to the London Eye in that it is an enormous Ferris Wheel with 28 baskets each capable of holding 28 patrons. Twenty-eight may sound like a random number but the number 8 is very lucky to the people of Singapore. The number seemed to keep re-appearing throughout the day. Once we arrived at the Flyer we boarded some very interesting vehicles. Similar to “duck-tours” in the states, the truck that we were touring on was capable of traveling on roads and then transitioning to water. The group got off the bus and onto the “duck” (a combination of a truck and boat) and the tour began. We traveled throughout the city and our tour guide pointed out things like the towering skyscrapers, several historic landmarks, and many shops and markets. After a 15-20 minute tour on land of the city, we made the (surprisingly smooth) transition to Singapore’s Marina Bay. On the water we passed some extremely fascinating sights such as the world’s largest floating stage surrounded on one side by 28,000 multi-colored seats. When we saw it, the stage was being set up for an enormous new year’s celebration. Apparently, 2009 is the year of the Ox so many of the decorations found all around the city were themed accordingly. Lastly, we saw a famous statue of a symbol found throughout Singapore, “the Merlion.” This odd creature was made off half lion and half fish. The lion is meant to symbolize the lion that Prince Sang Nila Utama first saw when he arrived on Singapore and the fish is meant to remind everyone of Singapore’s modest beginnings as a fishing village. After seeing this beautiful statue, which was positioned on land but was spewing water out of its mouth into Singapore River, we returned to the ramp and made our way back onto land and back to the Singapore Flyer. We said our thanks and goodbyes to our tour guides, re-boarded our bus, and returned to the hotel.

Theatres on the Bay

Theatres on the Bay





Duck Tour

Duck Tour

The students were free to explore the city independently for the rest of the day. Many of us got dinner at one of the many delicious restaurants in Singapore while others rested at the hotel or walked the streets. After relaxing by the beautiful pool at the hotel, we traveled to an amazing part of town called “Clarke Quay.” This area is made up of many restaurants and bars. After a delicious meal and a few hours out with friends we made our way back to our amazing hotel and rested up for the exciting days to come.

Credit: Nick W. & Dylan B.


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