Doing Business in the Pacific Rim

Winter Term 2009

Days 10 & 11: Traveling to Perth & Margaret River

Enjoying the beautiful trees, summer time weather and interesting foods in Singapore, it was time for us to head out to our last leg of the trip- Australia. We had all been looking forward to getting a taste of down under, which probably helped the 7 hour flight seem to be more exciting than it really was. It also seemed to make the time go by that much slower. Flying from Singapore to Hong Kong, making a pit stop in Hong Kong, changing planes and many people grabbing a taste of home- a burger, we set off to the land of kangaroos, beautiful beaches and intriguing accents. Unfortunately we lost two people along the way, Professor Benson had a severe case of food poisoning from something in Singapore… So much for being adventurous with foreign food anymore. Maria Wyka volunteered to stay behind and nurture Benson. Arriving in Australia late that night, thankfully all of our bags made it through customs. They even opened some bags in search of illegal wood, but I am sure we snuck away with some chopsticks from Singapore. Off to a night’s stay in Perth, merely a few hours of shut eye and then waking up coffee, bags, and sleepy smiles eager to travel to Margaret’s River for a few days of beaches, sunshine, and vineyards! Managing to fit our tremendous amount of luggage into the bus, we all jumped on with no idea of where we were going. Looking out the window, we kept our eyes peeled for kangaroos… Needless to say sleep took over and many of us awoke to a broken down bus at a middle of nowhere gas station called “ Center of the Universe”. We were refreshed with local cherries, mangos, slushies and ice-cream while the heat of the day sunk in and we kept our fingers crossed for the bus to somehow work again. After some sweat and a few popscicles, we hopped back on the bus and made our way across the desert and barren three hour trek to a beautiful, small, surfer, laid back town where locals walk about barefoot with sandy toes. Let the good times roll….


Credit: Brittney W. & Stef M.


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