Doing Business in the Pacific Rim

Winter Term 2009

Day 12 – Wine Tasting!

We started off the day by going on a tour of Leeuwin Estate. The guide explained how they produce wine at this particular winery, especially about the differences in producing each type of wine. They explained how the climate of the area was similar to that of Bordeaux, France and as a result Leeuwin wine is often compared to the famous wines of Bordeaux. Thus they attempt to create their wines in the same manner and method employed by their precursor. After the tour we were able to view some artwork do a wine tasting. The wine was amazing, and most of us bought a few bottles to take home to share with our friends and family. Finally we were treated to a delicious lunch at the restaurant. Afterwards we visited another winery, Watershed, where we were taught the correct way to taste and judge wine. After a group photo we climbed back on the bus and hurried home to get ready for the beach. The beaches of Margaret River were gorgeous, and we all had a great afternoon under the sun. After the beach we all returned to the hotel to make dinner and brainstorm with our groups for the Leeuwin Estate Project.

Credit: Emily H. & Ryan S.


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